Thomas Hurkxkens is freelance journalist, filmmaker and documentary director. He travels the world, making stories on subjects like globalisation, climate change, human rights and journalism.

Recent productions:

Life in San Salvador
(Subject: Priest stands against gang
violence in El Salvador)
(Broadcasted Al Jazeera English)
(25 min)
(Director/ camera)

Kunstpiloten (CoolPolitics)
(Broadcasted Dutch regional TV)
(Director/ camera)
(25 mins, 8 episodes)

Through our own Eyes, Africans Telling
Africa Stories

(Broadcasted in Dutch cinema’s)
(45 mins)
(Director/ camera)

Life On The Edge: "The Elephants' Dream of Peace"
(Broadcasted on BBC World.)
(22 mins)
(Camera/ director)

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